Geostatistical intelligence for advanced analytics and location-sensitive decision making

PANGEA® is a platform of analytical and geostatistical services. The richness of this type of analysis and the ability to offer accurate answers is the engine of the product industry such as ESRI’s ArcGIS.

Pangea Services aims to compile all relevant geo-referenced information available and make it available through web services. From population segmentation to demand prediction by region, services are designed to be consumed by decision makers and deliver immediate results to businesses and government.

A typical use case is the decision to open a new point of sale. Here we offer a case study that uses several Pangea Services:

  • Demographic, income and economic units information of a coordinate.
    Pangea Segmentation: a cluster of the population at the block level for urban areas throughout Mexico.
    Cannibalization and competition rates.
    Visualizations that enrich the understanding of the data.
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