PONDERA® is a strategic ally in management innovation; A company whose team of experts in economics, analytics and Data Science organizes, analyzes and visualizes data to turn them into actionable information for the digital transformation of companies and governments.

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We bring together knowledge of data analysis methods such as econometric, statistical and machine learning methods, mastering technology and deep understanding of industries and public sector. We are the strategic partner you need for your organization; through data analysis we can provide the information you need for a better performance of your resources.

We fully rely on data analysis for the development of short, medium and long term plans and strategies.

We create models that allow us to analyze the behavior and thus explain, predict and induce its evolution.

We develop solutions front-end user-friendly solutions with intelligent data visualizations and optimal information management.

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José Carlos Rodríguez Pueblita

Founding Partner

Ernesto Cordero Arroyo

Founding Partner

Maritha Amescua Zamora

Administradora general-Socia Talento

Carlos Ernesto Benitez Cortés

Inteligencia de Negocios

Robero Cabal López

Data Manager

Saskia van der Werff Vargas

Data Analyst

Alonso Medina Cortes

Software developer

PONDERA® is a company whose team of experts in analytics, economics and Data Science, organizes, analyzes and visualizes relevant information for companies, government and business..

We exalt the value of the data by promoting solutions in different contexts, with the purpose of highlighting opportunities in optimization and process efficiency in a personalized way, thus facilitating the making of assertive decisions in an internal and external level of internal and external public and private institutions.